6. The best tool to start Boosting your Sales

Hey Guys, welcome to the new tutorial of Email-Marketing. Today we are gonna learn about "How to grow the business to the next level by boosting your sales". Also, we are going to learn why this is needed and also we are going to know about the tools which we can be used for this. So, let's begin

# What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing Is the process of promotion of the product or services to your audience with the help of Email.

Today Email Marketing is used by all the big professionals and companies to promote their business. You also know about this, If you don't then do one thing. Go to your email inbox and check the emails you will find the promotional offers from some companies which are sent to you via email to tell you about the product and some are mailing for there services that you buy this service and get this benefit from it. This is nothing but Email Marketing.

# Benefits of email marketing

Email Marketing is the successful formula used by every marketer to increase their sales and also to win the trust of their customers. Now you will ask me how? How they are able to win the trust of their customer by sending them Emails. Ok, let's explore this by the Practical Example.

If you like any product you want that product to buy but you don't have money at that time.But, if you want to buy that product then you definitely will subscribe for the notification of price drop. hen company will send you all the notifications regarding that product and similar product as well. If that company will send you the email in alternate days then after some time that you will start trusting that company and maybe after few day you will buy their product or services. Isn't it? so I can say that this is a trust gaining process which can lead you to success.

Things You have to keep in mind is that if you will be able to win the trust of your customer for a long time you will be able to go for a long time Email marketing.

# What Tools is needed to start

You can start doing it for free by collecting Emails and creating the list and sending Email to each and every email. But this very time-consuming process for this you need to spend tonnes of hour for sending Emails to your huge list and that is quite boring. But, If you are able to spend few bucks This can help send emails to your list easily with few clicks. you will get automated service in just a few steps this will save your time and also Increase the level of trust to your customer. So do you want to know?

I personally use GetResponse Email list building tool to create list and guys trust me that I have found this the best which is easy to use.

You can get this today and start increasing the trust today. Get it By clicking the link Below


Get it from here this will help us grow our site so that you will be benefitted.

# How much can I Increase the sale

If you will be able to make the list of 200,000 emails and send them emails twice every week regarding your product or service. then let's make some calculations here

Your email list has: 200,000 Emails

Wou send them emails twice a week so in one month: 8 emails per customers

the total number of emails sent by you will be 8x200,000 =1,600,000 emails

Now let us take the minimum calculations

let us consider that 10% of your customer likes your product or services and got Interested in Buying it. 

then, 10% of 200,000 is 200,000x(10/100) = 20,000

This 10% customer which is 20,000 will go to buy your services or product Out of them some found your product expensive and some found that they don't have the money right at that point of time to buy it and many more reasons. you can not convert all your customers to your buyer lets take  20% of them purchased your product and services then the number become

20% of 20,000= 20,000x(20/100)= 4,000 

4,000 sales per month which is a great conversion. So, The number of the email list will increase, obviously the sales will increase.

So, you can start this today to grow your sales. If you like this, share this content and get thanks from your friend, relatives and colleagues. This will also help us to grow and. Feel free to ask the question and also write about the topics you want to learn in comments below. 

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