3. Start Blogging Today And Make Money

Hey, welcome to the blogging tutorial. Today I am going to tell you about a topic.Obviously, this is not a new topic but I can guaranty you the content you gonna read today is definitely a new content. So, today I am going to give you a brief introduction to blogging and why we should go for blogging. After that, I will go for the stories which will help you to take the decision. So, without wasting time let's start moving to our content.

# Why Blogging

The first Question I directly start with why we should choose to blog? I have ranked this question for the first position directly because I don't want to spend time in telling you what is a blog? You are here that means you know what is a blog. 

So, why should we choose to blog? There are many reasons to go for a blog few I am going to list below:-

  1. Blogging has a very vast range of niche
  2. There are many earning platforms on the Internet 
  3. Earning source is high
  4. If you are afraid of putting your face on the screen then it is a better place for you
  5. If you are fed off your job
  6. If you want to make a handsome income after doing your job. etc.

So, have you seen I have listed very few reasons? Now, I am giving you the best benefit of blogging. I am going to convey you this by a small story. are you ready to listen to it?

The story

Ok, I am going to tell you about Jordon,

Jordon was working in a multi-national company and have a great salary of $10,000 per month. Jordon was happy doing his job but when time passed now he became a responsible employee of his company and his salary is $15,000 per month. Now, he has to do all work very carefully.

One day due to some family problem he was upset and he did a simple mistake after that his boss scolded him without listening to his reason. Afterall Jordon is a human he needs rest. But working for 9 hours day has made him very tired he was needed a break. He also has given the application for the leave but was not approved.

Then he went to his friend "John" with whom he shared all the matter. He told him that he doesn't want to like this. He hates this type of life. His friend was knowing that Jordon is a very talented person having good writing skill he told him about the blogging and also told him about the basics of blogging. John said Jordon "you can continue blogging along with your job and if you won't find any benefits then leave this I am not telling you to leave your job". Jordon liked this Idea, He started Blogging with the help of his friend John. After one month he decided to leave his job and become a full-time blogger. Its been 7 months Jordon is making $150,000 per month which is 10X (10 times) his previous salary. And the salary of his boss is still $100,000 per month.

This is a real story where the name is changed because Jordon is very shy to come to the public.

Result of the story

Now Jordon is his own boss and work 2 hours daily which is 5 times lesser than his working time. and is able to give time to his family and children. He can work from anywhere in the world.he just need his computer and the internet connection to get his work done. which is very easy to get anywhere. 

One good suggestion of John has changed the life of Jordon. 


Its good chance for you to be your own boss start today it is the best time to start. You are in right time and also at the right place. You know! the best time to start anything is "right now right here". So, start It today and also help others to get this knowledge by sharing it. Get thanks by sharing it to your friends, relatives and colleagues so that they also can go with a new start.

Feel free to ask me a question anytime. Demand the topic on which you want to get the knowledge.

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