7. Make $100 Per day online from affiliate marketing

Hey Friends, welcome to a new tutorial of "How to make money Online". Yes, I know that You want to make money. I am sure that You are at the right place. You will also be proud that coming to this site was your best decision. OK, let's begin.

Today, I am going to tell you about how to make money from Affiliate Marketing. If you are beginner then I am going to tell you about reaching till $100 per day in just 10 days of duration. If you don't know about the Affiliate Marketing you can read out here below

So, If you have gone through the previous article then you came to know that you can earn money by working online. So, today we are going to learn about how to start make money by Affiliate Marketing I will start from basics that how to start and i will take you to making $100 per day in just 10 days. 


A Website:- You Need a site If you don't have then You can make it free on WordPress or Blogspot. Now after this,Let's start right from day one.

# Day 1

Today, All the company are launching the affiliate program. You can start from any related fields you are comfortable with. For example, let's select one product of Amazon say a smartphone and it's cost is somewhere around $100. Amazon gives a good commission of 4% on electronics so if you sell one smartphone ;you will get the commission of  $4. Now start Your work. Start writing the review of the product whatever product you chose for promotion.

# Day 2 

Yesterday what you did? You have written the review to your site and now you have to do the same for 9 more products. This will help you to relate and promote the product to the audience of your site. so today you have finished the 10 products now you start promoting the product to your social sites, you also write below the sellers comment on Facebook, join to more than 10 selling groups also post your review there and tell them that "If you want to buy the product in less go to the site below". this will grow the site traffic and you will start getting the traffic to your site where your post will attract them to buy that product. So, Keep in mind that your content is the hero in this. Also keep in mind that don't add direct link to buy always use recommend command to the blog so that you will be safe of getting blocked. Also keep joining the groups.

# Day 3

Do the same on this day too as you have done on last day. Again write the product review and share it on your page, social-sites, social groups, and share time to time. Because the surveys stats show that a long time advertisement generate a trust on the people and 32.73% sales are increased by this strategy.So do it at regular time interval. keep joining the social group

# Day 4 & Day 5

Do the same you done on the Day 3. If you get the sales then its OK, If you but you don't then from day 6 you you will have to start a new strategy. but keep joining the groups the audience is your main source of income.  

# Day 6 to Day 8

By doing that much till 5 days i know you will get some sales. But if you don't get the sales then use one Idea that "buy a product and get the recharge for free". Use this trick and sell the product. Use one part of your commission and reward them a recharge. For example: If you will get the commission of $4 then recharge their any thing worth $1 or $2 this won't effect you. this is just to make the customer base. (you have to reward them after 20 days)

Now you have done 1 sale and Do the same for all three days. But also keep joining the social groups.

# Day 9 

I know every one is waiting for the climax part. Till this time I know that you have start making sales because you have joined 80+ social groups and also written the post more than 50 related to your niche. This will definitely Increase your sales.now you are making minimum 5 sales per day and earning $20 per day (5 sales*$4/sales). Now, Use that earned money in earning more by selling much more. Now run an advertisement on Facebook to drag traffic to your site where you have listed the product. there you just run the advertisement of $2 per day. Facebook will send the traffic to your site and those traffic were quality traffic. Suppose in $2 Facebook just sent 200 visitors that will be quality visitors and you can convert 25% to 30% of the visitors into sales. which will be almost 50 sales and you can 50 sales x $4 per sales $200 in which you will make daily and also you have to do the same which you was doing in previous days. Out of $200 You have to give $100 per day for reward to your buyers. 

# Day 10

Now you are selling 25 products per day (20 from Facebook ads and 5 from your own) and your minimum revenue will be $100 plus per day on Day 10

See friends the results are now with you. This is not easy guys but you have made it easy by your hard work. See we together have made it possible now If you want me to be with you to make another impossibilities a possible then subscribe our EB Society Then we will be with you for other adventures.  If you like our work and want to appreciate it you just Share it with your friends, relatives and colleagues and be a part to get a thank you from them. This will grow us as well . I will be with new researched topic to share with you. Feel free to message me. Comment below if you want something else to learn.

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