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How You will be benefited

Hey freelancers, we are here to invite you guys, to be our exclusive partners. Here we will provide you leads to your skills. We are going to open a platform where you guys will be our exclusive partner and because of which you will be recommended on the top for any work to be done. related to your gigs. Currently, we will give you guaranteed 1000+  leads to your Fiverr Gig or another account like freelance, upwork and any other. We will charge an amount from you guys to ensure that only genuine guys can join us to avoid the spam and competition.

If you will like to join and want to get paid through us you will be paid more as compared to Fiverr, like Fiverr gives you 80% of your earned money we will provide you 90% of your total earnings. this means if you buy our pack for 1000 gigs od $5 and you will choose us to receive your payments we will give 90% of your payments and you  will get $4500 instead of $4000 here you are getting $500 more than the Fiverr but for this you have to buy our package of $150.

See how much you will be benefited. means you have chosen a package to which will give you 1000+ sales per year and you got a bonus of $500 which is even more than your invested money. Join us today become our exclusive partner.

How Outsourcing freelancer will make money?

Freelancers can outsource their project to the other via us and make the great commission. Suppose you have got any work and you want to outsource it to other then you can do it through us. we will find you a very cheap deal. For Eg:- if you have got a work to do for $10 and you do not have time to work for it then you can outsource that project to us. We will do it for you in as cheap as possible. We don't accept less than$6 projects. suppose your project's original cost worth $5 then outsource 2 projects and fulfill our minimum viability. this is the way where you can earn more money by accepting more and more projects. Earn and make others earn too.

Join this campaign this will help us to Educate the child who are lacking the resources and remove illiteracy completely.

Help in making the educated Ecosystem.

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