2. Get 100000 likes on your page in 5 days

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How to earn money from FACEBOOK without website

And today I am going to give you a tutorial about how to make a page and get one lakh plus (100,000) likes on the facebook page in just five days.

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Step 1:- Make a facebook account

Here is a little change in the plan that instead of making a facebook page you have to make a Facebook account like yours with the name of the Facebook page you want to make. So here there is a correction in plan instead of making a facebook page we have to make a facebook account by signing up as a new user.

Step 2:- Make friends

Now, send the friend request to the people whom you don’t know. Remember, I told you to send the friend request to those whom you don’t know there is a reason behind it. The reason you will understand afterwards. So, you send the friend request to all unknown person and also accept the request.

Step 3:- Suggest friends

As on one hand, You have sent a friend request to all the unknown possible people. Now, login to your personal account and suggest your friends to send friend request to that facebook account and accept the friend request by again logging into that account. By this way, you will be able to collect more and more friends. because to make friends is easier than to get likes on the page. Do this repeatedly until the time you get good numbers of friend on facebook.

Step 4:- Convert Your Account Into Page

Yes, Now it’s time to convert your account into Page and Get as much like as your friend’s number. There is no need to invite them to like your page. How to convert the page?

First login to your facebook account and then go to the link below


After clicking there go to “Get Started” your page will be created and will ask to keep the friend as follower accept the condition press ok. You will get facebook page created with likes equal to the number of friends. If you find any problem doing this buy our Full course there you will find 17 ways to earn money on Facebook and also how to join them all to get a great income at once from all the way.

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