1. How to earn money from FACEBOOK without having own website.

Nowadays, making money has become very hard. If you search "How to make money online " you will find millions of searched results. The researchers and surveys say that in those searched results more than 50% results are fake. 30% of the rest 50% results are the cat-copy of each other and other 20% results are good but most of the bloggers are using the same text in different ways. Today I am going to tell about the most researched and working topics of how to make money online from Facebook without having your own website.

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1.Earn From Your Page

This is the Easiest way to make revenue through Facebook. I am sure that you have studied this at many places but this is not that, you will be able to find the difference here. so let's begin.

For this, you need to have a facebook page for sure.If you do not have a page, you can make it here (or you can go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/)

After making the page you can add new posts, articles, videos and other things. There you have an option to invite your friends to like your page. Go and send the Invitation to all your friends to like your page that you have generated. The most time taking part of this process is to get likes on the page. This is the most annoying thing you will find during this process but is the most important part of this process.

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The few steps which you need to keep in mind is

  1. Focus on creating good content post
  2. Get minimum 10000 likes for the good results
  3. Do not go for other types of monetization on your page
  4.  Do not go for age restricting content

Keep these points in mind and have patience. This will take hardly 15 days to get up to the mark of 10000 likes and your page should contain minimum one thousand (1,000) posts or article. Get your page engaged with posts and others. This completes Your first step.

Now, you have a page with more than ten thousand likes and have more than one thousand posts. Now here comes the step to monetize and generate some revenue. You can generate money by Few methods, which are:-

  1.  Sell The Page
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Get the Advertisements on your page

Sell the page

You can sell the page. Yes, you heard it right you can sell your page. now you will ask me who will buy my page? you know today more than 4000 (four thousand) websites are built every day. If the niche of some website matches the niche of your page then those company will offer you to sell your page to them and they offer you the good cost for your site.

there are many people whois selling their page on e-bay, you also can sell it there. You will not believe not only e-bay, other sites are also used to sell the facebook pages like olx, quicker freelance, elance, fameswap etc.

you can go to these sites and sell your facebook page for a good amount.

Affiliate marketing

This is the common way other page admin does. This is the easiest way to earn money through your Facebook page. In this, you just have to join affiliate program this is free of cost. This will help you earn good amount of money in the form of commission. The sites like Amazon, Flipkart (in India) have their own affiliate platforms which are free to join. Today almost all the company has launched this affiliate platform you can join any of them and can generate revenue through that. Some of the affiliate marketer makes more than $200 per day.

Get advertisements on the page

There are two ways to make money from your page

  1. Get ads or banner to show
  2. Get sponsorships

1. Get ads/banners to show on your page

This is a very common and traditional way to make money online. For this, Either you have to contact the company for whom you want to advertise or the company will contact you for placing their ads on your page and you can charge few bucks for lending them space.

2. Get sponsorship

This is most popular way now other page admin uses to generate revenue they get the sponsorship and make money one of the websites which provide sponsorship is famebit

The above listed is the one way to earn the money online from Facebook is given If You want the Other Way to make money from facebook you can buy our Full course. Get the description by clicking here

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