5. Make Money Online By Affiliate Marketing

Hey, Guys welcome to this new tutorial of Affiliate Marketing. This is the tool which is used by many to make thousands of money online. What, if I will say you that you also can generate a great revenue by this process. Today everyone needs money and if someone says that money doesn't matter for him I recommend him to send their money in my bank account. OK, jokes apart. I am giving this tutorial for those who are seeking here and there for making money but still not getting money. Today I am going to give you the introduction about how to earn money using Affiliate Marketing. So, let's Begin.

#What is affiliate marketing

This is the process where you don't have to make any product and services but you can earn money by promoting others (company's) product and get the commision for per sale.

In simple words, These three steps you need to follow

  1. If you like any product and want to sell
  2. You go and join their affiliate program and
  3. Start selling their product and get the part of their profit

# Why will the company provide me commision

If you don't know, It is the traditional way carried out now called affiliate program. In early days the company use to heir the agents and the agents increase their sales by providing them the customer and make the commision per sale. The same is carried away by the company and named it "affiliate program". Here on the internet, they can sell their product to the maximum customer so they started the affiliate program to make their sales better by hiring the members on the internet.

# What are the benefits of the affiliate marketing

If you want to be an affiliate marketer then I think this is the best decision you have taken. You can Make a good amount of money by working for a very little time period. some of the marketers earn a few thousand dollars per month. And there is no charge to join the program. This is One of the best sources of the passive income.

# How to start selling as an affiliate

To join this is free and you do not need to create any product. This is the best which I like about this is that I don't need to create any product or services or no need of Investing time in creating the product or services. You just need a platform to sell it on the web and your selling will begin.

So, if you want to make money online you can choose this to get started. This is the best to start with for a beginner. I hope, you all have got much information related to the affiliate program. please, write in the comment if I have left any topic related to the affiliate program. Share it with your friends, relatives and colleagues and be a part to get a thank you from them. Also feel free to message me. 

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